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Moving abroad?

Trexx is the easiest way to ship your belongings worldwide


Need a shipping company to move your belongings to another country? Are you fed up with complex quotes and expensive moving companies? We have the solution! Just order our disposable cardboard containers, pack your belongings and we do the rest.

International Shipping

The Trexx-Box system is simple: you request one or more of our cardboard containers " the Trexx box", they get delivered to your home, you pack them yourself, and Trexx comes back to pick them up and ship them out or store it.


If you’re moving Internationally, your containers are shipped to your destination by either air, sea or road.

How it works


1.  Place an order

Pick the Trexx pallet boxes you need for your move and choose the delivery date.


2.  Start packing

Pack all your stuff on the Trexx pallet boxes, start packing the heavy stuff first and fragile on the top, seal and label the box.


3.  Arrange collection

Choose the collection date  a driver will load your Trexx-Box with a pallet truck and it will get shipped to your destination

Pack it, Label it, Send it.. Simple!
Why Trexx?

Trexx have revolutionized International removals by creating an easy, convenient way to pack, store, and move your stuff - all at the same time!

In this day and age there are better ways to accomplish an International removal, instead of going with traditional moving companies or van rental. With Trexx, you can pack our portable cardboard pallet containers at your own pace (or hire professional packing labor), and when you’re ready, we’ll pick them and deliver them directly to your new address* or to the seaport or airport of the country of your choice.

With easy-to-use self-assemble cardboard containers and affordable pricing, Trexx is the best International removal option for anyone on a tight budget.


The Trexx-Box cardboard container

Size: 120cm x 100cm x 110 cm

Capacity: 1.2 cubic metres.

Max weight:  700 kg 

Each Trexx-Box can hold a maximum of 700 kg of personal effects and household goods, small furniture such as chairs, tvs or disassembled bicycles will fit inside without a problem.

Shipping & Moving

Trexx is a practical and affordable shipping solution, we offer quick and easy do-it-yourself shipping to all over the world, sending from the UK and Spain to the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

We have secured competitive shipping rates to many destinations around the world, and you could choose air, road or sea shipment, We will arrange all export declarations, documentation and insurance on your behalf. We have over 14 years of experience as freight forwarders.

If you want to send a car or bigger loads this can be arranged, please contact us for more information about this service. 

The Trexx Box

The Trexx-Box is easy to assemble and designed to the specifications of a standard shipping pallet 120x100 cm and comes in 2 height sizes 110cm and 210cm tall.

Each Trexx-Box can hold a maximum of 700 kg of personal effects and household goods, small furniture such as chairs, tvs or disassembled bicycles will fit inside without a problem.  But just to be sure, we recommend measuring your goods and comparing the size to the internal dimensions of the Trexx-Box (116 x 96 x 96 cm (LWH). If you stack one on top of the other, the internal dimensions will double in height 196 cm

don't send your boxes individually and risk getting lost or damaged, on our trexx pallet box your belongings will be protected and only handled by pallet truck.

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