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the easiest way to ship your stuff

We started our journey as freight forwarders back in 2007 specialising in International removals to the diplomatic community in the UK.  We noticed the complications of shipping personal effects especially in assessing the volume and weight of belongings of different sizes by the customer as well as the need for good quality packing materials that will protect the shipments.

we found a way to avoid slow and erroneous quotations and pricing simply by developing a disposable pallet box that conform to the international standard for transportation of pallets, this way we can ship it economically and conveniently, whether by sea, air or road.

we simply send the trexx pallet box to you ready to be packed with your stuff at your own time and convenience, once you are ready, we collect it and ship to your chosen destination.


We can send your belongings around the world, whether you are relocating to another country, moving away to study abroad or simply need to send large volume of stuff. We can help.

across town or across the world, trexx is the most economical, flexible and secure way to move your stuff


Unit 122, Access

61 Willow Walk

Tower bridge



Tel: +44 0207 096 1031


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