frequently asked questions

what is a trexx box?

The trexx box is self-assemble pallet box designed for self-packing, we send it to you flat-packed and can be put together in 30 seconds. it is made with honeycomb cardboard technology and designed to support a variety of goods, giving extra protection and stability whilst in transit it comes in two sizes: trexx small: 120cm length x 100cm width x 110cm height - (1.2m3) trexx large: 120cm length x 100cm width x 210cm height - (2.4m3)

what can I send on a trexx box?

Anything from domestic appliances, small furniture, bicycles, clothes, the list is endless. The only goods we are unable to carry are hazardous goods and prohibited items, Goods must be placed securely in the box to ensure they do not move during transit. Have a look at our prohibited and restricted items here.

how are you going to get the trexx box on the collection vehicle

All collection and delivery vehicle's carry pallet trucks and the vehicles are fitted with tail lifts. The driver will move the Trexx box onto the tail lift of the vehicle using the pallet truck and ensure is safely placed on the vehicle. Please note: We can only collect your trexx box at ground level and with clear access, the box is designed to be assembled, loaded and collected at kerbside (at the nearest safe point to your property), the driver uses the tail-lift on his lorry and a hand-moved pallet trolley to load your trexx box.

what access is needed for collections and deliveries of the trexx box

It is important to make sure the vehicle will fit down your road before you request a collection / delivery. The smallest vehicle used is a 7.5 ton. If a refuse collection vehicle can get to your property then there should not be a problem. If you are unsure, let us know and we will check directly.

what information do I need to place an order?

You will need to choose the type of trexx box you wish to transport, the approximate weight and the value of the cargo. You will also need the full collection / delivery address as well as telephone numbers, with European deliveries it is vital we have a complete address and a contact telephone number, the contact number has to be a mobile or landline registered in the country of delivery. If sending Internationally you will need an itemized packing list and depending on the country additional paper work required at destination. (please contact us for more details)

can I change my collection date?

Yes you can, just give us a call on +44207096031 or email us on, please give us at least 24hr to be able to cancel an order

what happens if I miss a collection or delivery

The price paid is for one collection / delivery attempt. Commercial vehicles are not cheap to run and if the trexx box are not ready for collection, an additional charge of £50.00 plus VAT will be made. Collections can be made any time from 9:00 am until 5.30 pm.

are the goods insured?

Whilst the goods are on the trexx box and in transit the delivery will be insured in accordance with our carrier's terms and conditions of carriage. The limit of liability is restricted to a maximum of £1.30 per kilo for commercial freight and do not cover personal effects, If you are sending personal effects / household goods, we do recommend customers purchase additional insurance (this will be offered when booking), the cost is 3% of the total cargo value with a minimum of £50 per policy.

are the delivery dates of the trexx box guaranteed?

unfortunately in transport things can happen that are totally out of our control. although most deliveries are delivered on time, some are late. We will always inform you of the late delivery and the reasons why. we unfortunately cannot be held responsible for the late delivery particularly within Europe.

do I need to fix an address label to the trexx box?

once your order has been placed, you will receive an email which will contain the Order ID and details of your consignment. Attached to the email will be a copy of a manifest and address label. The manifest is for the driver who collects the trexx box to sign as your confirmation of collection and the address label is to be stuck onto the box.

what time the collection will be made?

collections can be made anytime between 9:00 am and 5.30 pm. Please contact us on the day of collection if you would like an estimated collection time and we will contact the haulier to find out what time they will be in your area.

are there any collection and delivery restrictions?

Collection / Deliveries cannot be made on to soft ground such as grass, gravel or soil, to a premises where it is illegal for a lorry to park or unload, where the surface of the access road is very unstable to park or unload or where the access road is on a steep incline. If you are in any doubt of the suitability of the delivery premises please contact us and we can advise you.

What is trexx?

trexx is a shipping service managed by experienced freight forwarders specialists in personal effects, relocations and international removals, we use air freight, sea freight and road to transport your goods to many destinatiions around the world.

which countries can I ship to?

We ship to all over Europe by road and to the rest of the world by air and sea.

what about customs formalities

If you are sending your belongings Internationally you will be required to complete a packing list detailing the contents and estimated used value of your goods for customs purposes. In some cases it is necessary to go to the consulate of the country you are moving to in order to certify your current residence, this is country dependent and please call us before placing an order. Since customs formalities at your destination country are your responsability, We recommend to check with the destination country’s customs authorities prior to placing your order to ensure you understand what charges, if any, may be applied.