How it works

The Trexx-Box system is simple: you request one or more of our cardboard containers " the Trexx box", they get delivered to your home, you pack them yourself, and Trexx-Box comes back to pick them up and ship them out or store it.


If you’re moving Internationally, your containers are shipped to your country of destination by either air, sea or road.


1.  Place an order

Pick the Trexx pallet boxes you need for your move and choose the delivery date.


2.  Start packing

Pack all your stuff on the Trexx pallet boxes, start packing the heavy stuff first and fragile on the top, seal and label the box.


3.  Arrange collection

Choose the collection date, the driver will bring a pallet truck to load your Trexx boxes and we will ship them to your destination

Trexx offers do-it-yourself moving options, for those who might be looking for an easy, affordable, efficient, way to move themselves.